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Volunteer Spotlight: Dave Buechler

Tell us a bit about your work history:

I became a CPA in 1986 and have worked as an auditor, accounting manager, controller and VP of Finance and Operations.  I retired a couple of years ago and decided retirement wasn't for me, at least not yet!  I became a Certified QuickBooks Advisor and I am currently on assignment as the interim Director of Finance and Operations for a mid-sized nonprofit in Minneapolis.  I really enjoy the work and the mission of the organization.

When did you first get involved with WomenVenture

I answered an ad in LinkedIn a few years ago and have been involved ever since.​

What surprises you most about working with WV clients?

I'm really impressed by the client’s determination and passion for their ideas.  Even if the ideas have flaws, it is fun to help work through the issues to come up with decisions that affect the future of their businesses.

Tell us about someone who has influenced your decision to volunteer with WV.

Nobody really influenced me, but the clients have had a huge impact on my decision to remain committed to WV as a volunteer.​

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering with WV?

DO IT!  Volunteering at WV is really rewarding.  You get back 10 times what you put in!​

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I have a degree in Music..., and still play in a band...