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GUIDED Business Plan™ Train-the-Trainer

GUIDED Business Plan™ Train-the-Trainer is an orientation for qualified volunteers interested in teaching portions of the GUIDED Business Plan™ program, authored by founder Melanie Rae. This workshop will cover the following:

  • GUIDED Business Plan™ Structure, Teaching Practice and Course Components

Participate in a abbreviated version of the class in order to experience the Demo, Write, Discuss approach of the course. Understand the objectives and outcomes of the course in relationship to other WomenVenture programming. 

  • Course Administration and Logistics

  • Course Aids: Financials, Sales and Marketing Tools

Tour the tools used with the curricula and review sample presentation slide decks and files used in training the course. Discover the GUIDED Financial Projections™ spreadsheet, GUIDED Sales Funnel™, and GUIDED Marketing Tactics™ tools and how to use them within the course. 
Review tips and techniques for engaging adult learners and managing classroom time.

  • Dinner (provided by WomenVenture)

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Date: Time: Location: Price:
10/3/16 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM WomenVenture FREE

 GUIDED Business Plan™ training session (by invitation only)