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Join us for our next Lunch + Learn!

12:00 Noon - 1:30 PM

Bring your own lunch!*

Online Marketing: The Strategic Planning and Execution of a Website

It’s no secret that every business needs a website - but where to start? How do you know you're taking the right approach? In this Lunch and Learn session you will learn about the basics and importance of internet marketing and the critical aspects of creating a website to drive online business. Starting a new website, or even redesigning an old one can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be! In this session, you will learn about:

  • The components of digital marketing
  • Picking the right tools for the job
  • Content strategy and and site planning
  • Critical SEO concepts and methods to gain attention online
  • Continued online marketing efforts

Participants will come away with the knowledge needed to engage intelligently with a web vendor, or set out on their own to create a website that makes the most sense for them. Website and digital marketing expert, Dan Feller will walk you through some of the most important steps and thought processes as you advance through the online journey.

Presented by:


Dan Feller
Account Executive
Plaudit Design   

Dan is an Account Executive at Plaudit Design, an interactive agency in St. Paul. He has been working in the web industry for more than 10 years and has experience in most aspects of a website’s creation and success. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Business and an Associate of Science in Digital Media, Dan has spent his time in the industry combining business tactics and technical expertise to create powerful online marketing tools for a wide range of clients and industries.

*Lunch is not provided.

*We charge a nominal fee to cover costs.

Space is limited. 

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6/20/17 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM WomenVenture Office $10