Family Child Care Business Essentials

Helping you build a solid business foundation

The first step is to take our free class Exploring Child Care, and then to sign up for Family Child Care Business Essentials (FCCBE). This course will help you develop a business plan for your new family child care business.

Course Overview

Family Child Care Business Essentials is a 10-session virtual interactive learning experience that prepares participants to build a professional family child care business. While focusing on building a solid business foundation that leads to profitability and sustainability, participants apply concepts learned through collaborative simulated activities in a fun environment.

This program approaches business training through a combination of foundational learning resources, tools, and support that brings child care business ideas to life and positions participants to achieve their personal and business financial goals.

Examples of focus areas include:

  • Setting financial goals
  • Determining the costs of running a child care business
  • Finding the right capital for your child care program
  • Managing business risk in your program
  • Achieving operational excellence
  • Preparing a pitch for your child care business

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