Jaylana Peters


Senior Loan Officer | jpeters@womenventure.org


Jaylana always knew that she wanted to be an obstetrician, so in 2008, it was with great anticipation that she registered for her first semester of college courses that would line the pathway to accomplishing her ultimate goal. 2009, however, found her in a position which needed redirection; she was pregnant and a whole new set of goals took precedence. Jaylana and her husband, Kevin, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the 19th of May, 2010. At the time, Kevin was working overnights at cub foods, and his salary (however modest), allowed Jaylana to stay home. In 2012, she decided that she was ready to re-enter the world of adult interaction.

Jaylana applied to Wells Fargo: she’d been banking with them for a number of years and was interested in learning skills that could benefit her personal financial knowledge. And of course – it wouldn’t be a long-term commitment – just long enough to finish her bachelors and apply to medical school. But soon, Jaylana fell in love with all things finance. She became attached to her customers and she became engrossed in budgets, spreadsheets, interest rates, and credit information, but best of all, she felt fulfilled and fueled by the many success stories that she was a part of. Jaylana felt empowered, and she wanted that feeling to continue, so she kept seeking knowledge and opportunity in the world of finance.

In 2017, a friend presented Jaylana with an opportunity in commercial lending. While she enjoyed the exposure to new challenges, she quickly began to long for the opportunity to build and maintain relationships with external customers. She needed face-to-face interactions - something that her new position did not afford.

By grace, Jaylana has embarked on a new adventure here, at WomenVenture. She is beyond excited to contribute to the amazing team of individuals, and to be a part of many more success stories!

In her spare time, Jaylana likes to spend time with her family (camping, movies, board games, etc.), garden, read, and play volleyball. She and her husband hope to one day become business owners and work toward their joint goal of early retirement.

Interesting Fact

I absolutely adore karaoke!

Favorite Movie(s)

Cinderella (starring Brandy & Whitney Houston), Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Favorite Local Restaurant

Anywhere that serves authentic Mexican cuisine

Women I Admire

My Mother, Elizabeth Eckford, JK Rowling