Nancy Spangrud


Business Consulting Manager |


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication she honed her skills in marketing, sales, project management, operations management, and senior management in the corporate world. All of which prepared her for her first stint as a business owner.  Creating her own technical sales consulting business offered flexibility and diversity in clients and work, which made for a happy work life. But, if you know Nancy, she is an extrovert and a team player, and she really missed collaborating with others. So, back to the corporate world she went, this time with a company that required a lot of travel – perfect for the travel bug she’s always had. Another great experience!

An opportunity presented itself to be part of a startup that was risky, but the team was great and the ideas were good. So, she took the plunge. Best decision ever!!! They created products, learned how to sell online, established a network of wholesalers, moved production overseas to handle volume, moved production back to the US, hired designers, sold on Amazon and Etsy, created Google marketing programs established outstanding customer service touchpoints, began offering fulfillment services, hosted Ecommerce sites for clients and learned a lot. Nancy still provides strategic direction and planning for her company as an owner and board member.

Nancy is so excited to be at WomenVenture helping other small businesses learn and grow. Using her business skills ‘for good’ was the next chapter for her, and she is really enjoying working with small businesses to ignite marketing plans and instill confidence that this is possible!

According to Nancy, “I still love to travel, particularly internationally, and when I am home you might see me walking my dog on Cathedral Hill in St. Paul, or at some sort of thrift store looking for treasures!”

Interesting Fact

I rode in a bobsled down an Olympic track. It was just for fun, but still!

Favorite Local Restaurant

Lou’s Sandwiches

Favorite Movie

The Princess Bride, Remember the Titans and Hairspray

Woman I Admire

Malala Yousafzai