Rebecca Joy Raboy


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Rebecca Joy Raboy is an entrepreneur to the fullest. She had her first business as a child, cleaning houses and babysitting. She would make flyers every summer and place them in mailboxes to gain her clients each year. When she was in high school, she began teaching dance and booked herself in multiple studios as a guest teacher where she taught musical theater jazz and creative contemporary. In her twenties, she was found performing in multiple theaters and events all over the nation.  She was also a Las Vegas Showgirl. At the age of thirty-two, she created La Rouge Entertainment and produced her first musical, Kit Kat Cabaret. Rebecca then got recognized by the corporate world for the creative productions she was producing and started designing themed galas and fundraising events. At the age of thirty-six, Rebecca married a Minnesotan, moved to Minnesota, and started her family. After having two beautiful boys one year apart from each other, Rebecca decided it was time to reinvent the wheel and do something a little more manageable in the production world. She became a consultant for corporate engagement parties and started a photobooth option for events large and small. La Rouge Photobooth made it into multiple hearts including the Midway Chamber, Minnesota History Center, HBC Global, Weddings, and more.

In 2019 WomenVenture hired Rebecca to create the themed design for Women Mean Business (WMB). That winter, Rebecca enrolled in our business training classes, taking the WomenVenture Overview, Getting Ready, and Small Business Essentials. During her time as a dedicated student with us, she formed another business, Healful Joy. Rebecca switched gears and left the world of production to stay home and raise her boys while hand-crafting organic health and beauty products. As with most entrepreneurs, Rebecca endured some major decline in sales during the pandemic. So, she put the skills she learned at WomenVenture to use and formed another business called Joyful Home. Rebecca went back to some of her earliest roots and started cleaning, decorating, and organizing homes for people.  

In 2021 WomenVenture hired Rebecca back as the Event Manager for WMB.  During the four-month commitment designing the event, WomenVenture offered her a full-time position as the Community Specialist, and she gladly accepted. 

Rebecca still operates both Healful Joy & Joyful Home as a side hustle. So, when someone needs a little encouragement that they can do anything they put their minds to, Rebecca would be a great person to talk with.

Interesting Fact

Rebecca studied Hula, West African, and Flamenco dancing. She’s also AntiGravity Yoga Certified.

Favorite Local Restaurant

The Commodore, St. Paul

Favorite Movie

White Christmas

Woman I Admire

My grandmother, Didi.