Tammy Dahlvang


Business Consultant | tdahlvang@womenventure.org


Tammy graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where she double-majored in economics and religion. Prior to her role at WomenVenture she worked for almost twenty years as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and for five years in public accounting. She helped to start a food pantry on the campus of MSU in Mankato and is the Treasurer for A Fresh Start, a nonprofit in the Mankato area that provides household items for people coming out of homelessness. She is a member of Zonta International, a group whose mission is to create a better world for women and girls, and she serves as Treasurer for her local chapter. She loves helping women who are taking the risk of betting on themselves.

When she is not working or volunteering in the community, you can find her traveling with her husband, visiting her two sons, walking 10,000 steps a day and spending time with friends.

Interesting Fact

I’ve lived in every state that starts with the letter “I”. Idaho has amazing potatoes and beautiful mountains. Illinois has Chicago, which is my favorite city. Iowa is great because you only get pulled over for speeding when you’re going REALLY fast. Indiana is where my mom still lives, so it’s the best I-state.

Favorite Local Restaurant

Papa George’s in Mankato because the bread is amazing, and they painted the walls to look like windows (I love the symbolism of that!)

Favorite Movie

As a young adult, The Mission inspired me. The Shawshank Redemption made me think about good and evil and forgiveness. The Harry Potter series was a lot of fun to watch with my sons. The Hangover never fails to make me laugh.

Woman I Admire

Most of them! But Madeline L’Engle is a particular inspiration. Her books speak to my heart and her life inspires me.