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The Twin Cities is a community filled with thriving women entrepreneurs. Search our business directory by category to find a local women-owned business, or simply browse the list to discover the businesses that WomenVenture has helped to put on the map.

Bride to Be Consignment

Owned by Jaisa Zuraff

A great deal of time and money goes into planning a wedding. Some of us have experienced it first-hand; others have heard stories from friends and family members. Jaisa Zuraff was strongly inspired by her own wedding experience and not having a place to bring all of her used items after the big event—so much that it propelled her to create a business.

8925 Penn Avenue South, Bloomington, MN55431

Brightening Connections, LLC

Owned by Samantha Moe

Samantha Moe knew she was destined to help families and had always felt comfortable around children with special needs. Her own family instilled in her a strong sense of self-esteem that allowed Samantha to follow her instincts. Her business, Brightening Connections, helps kids with autism, ADHD or giftedness move from fight or flight mode to a calmer place, which also helps bring joy to the entire family. The "5 Polka Dot" approach Samantha developed focuses on shifting brain chemistry through play, without the use of pharmaceuticals.

1654 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN55105

Brighter Minds Music

Owned by Emily Ireland

Brighter Minds Music helps students and families reach their musical goals by providing high quality music education in a creative and caring environment. 

Broadline Solutions

Owned by Elaina Acheson

12248 Fletcher Drive, Minneapolis, MN55374