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The Twin Cities is a community filled with thriving women entrepreneurs. Search our business directory by category to find a local women-owned business, or simply browse the list to discover the businesses that WomenVenture has helped to put on the map.

Beez Kneez, LLC

Owned by Kristy Allen

2014 Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: Social Entrepreneur Award Winner

2204 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis, MN55404

Blue Moon Coffee Cafe

Owned by Lisa Berg

Cafe with pastries, teas, sanwiches, sodas, games and more including coffee from all over the world! 

3822 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN55406

Empire Coffee + Pastry

Owned by Chrissy & Amy Kelsch

Coffee Shop with a daily menu based on availability of locally sourced ingredients or customer requests. Featuring made from scratch pastries to satisfy any craving. 

451 Northeast Stinson Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN55413

Favorable Treats

Owned by Junita Flowers-Cathey

As a new mom, Junita wanted to support her growing family while doing something she was passionate about. Inspired by the countless hours she spent baking cookies and cakes from scratch with her grandmother, Junita envisioned a business delivering her own delicious cookie gift creations to the world. She launched Favorable Treats as a seasonal holiday business in 2009 and came to WomenVenture a few years later for business coaching and help with her website. Today, her year-round web-based business offers handcrafted cookie boxes perfect for celebrating life's events, and her frozen cookie dough is available at Whole Foods and other Twin Cities grocers.

3722 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN55407

*These businesses are less than 51% women-owned