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  • I understand WomenVenture is a nonprofit organization that receives funding from donors, foundations, corporations and contracts to support its services. Participant fees are required for certain services. When a fee is applicable, payment is required before service delivery.
  • I understand it is WomenVenture’s policy not to allow: 1) distribution of non-business phone numbers or addresses of staff, clients and volunteers; 2) lending of money for or provision of transportation or child care; 3) psychological services; 4) sexual harassment of or by clients; 5) violent or disruptive behavior; 6) selling of program lists to mailing services; 7) participation in program while under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • I understand WomenVenture will maintain confidentiality of client information and business ideas, and that this information may be included in confidential reporting to funding agencies. I agree to maintain the confidentiality of any business ideas and plans that I may learn from classmates.
  • I understand that services received from WomenVenture serve the purpose of helping clients to achieve or maintain economic self-sufficiency. While WomenVenture may consult on business concerns, clients are responsible for business decisions and the results.
  • I understand that clients may be photographed or videotaped at WomenVenture events, programs and meetings; and that these photos and videos may be used by either WomenVenture or the Small Business Administration for marketing purposes.

I request business counseling service from the Small Business Administration (SBA) or an SBA Resource Partner. I agree to cooperate should I be selected to participate in surveys designed to evaluate SBA services. I permit SBA or its agent the use of my name and address for SBA surveys and information mailings regarding SBA products and services. I understand that any information disclosed will be held in strict confidence. SBA will not provide your personal information to commercial entities. I authorize SBA to furnish relevant information to the assigned management counselor(s). I further understand that the counselor(s) agrees not to: 1) recommend goods or services from sources in which he/she has an interest, and 2) accept fees or commissions developing from this counseling relationship. In consideration of the counselor(s) furnishing management or technical assistance, I waive all claims against SBA personnel, and that of its Resource Partners and host organizations, arising from this assistance.

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