Family Child Care Business Essentials

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After you’ve taken Exploring Child Care, you're ready for the next step.

Want to start a Family Child Care Business?
The Family Child Care Business Essentials (FCCBE) course from WomenVenture can help you navigate the business challenges of starting and running a licensed family child care program.

Course Overview

Through an interactive learning experience, the course prepares participants to build a professional family child care business with a solid business foundation that leads to profitability and sustainability– and most importantly, the achievement of personal goals. The program focuses on primary business launch considerations with a business plan template specifically designed for family child care businesses.   

The 10-session program begins with a self-driven orientation module that prepares participants for the different technologies used to support their learning, a refresher on learning approaches, and initial prework to engage prior to the beginning of the program.  This is followed by interactive live sessions that utilize numerous technology resources including a simulation game to apply the knowledge learned of running a small child care business.  

Examples of focus areas include: 

  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Determining the costs of running a child care business
  • Finding the right capital for your child care program
  • Managing business risk in your program
  • Achieving operational excellence
  • Preparing a pitch for your child care business

Starting A Child Care Center

If you decide you would rather start a child care center rather than a family child care business after taking Exploring Child Care, then the Small Business Essentials course is your next step.

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