Exploring Child Care

As of March 16th, and until further notice, all classes will be held online.

Are you thinking of opening a child care business, but are not sure where to start? The Exploring Child CareInformationSession is designed to provide a gateway of guidance for potentialchild carebusiness owners to explore the realities ofchild carebusiness in Minnesota. Participants are guided through three distinctareas of exploration:

  • What ischild caretoday andwhyisqualitychild carethe best business case?
  • What kind of training and education is necessary to startand operate achild carebusiness?
  • A dive into the business case forchild carecenters and familychild carebusinesses–helping participants begin to think about theirexpected success and corresponding reality.

Course Overview

  • Review the basics of starting or purchasing a child care business
  • Learn about the different types of child care programs
  • Discuss potential financial goals and outcomes for your business
  • Understand the next steps in the process of opening your own child care business, including information about WomenVenture’s 10-week Family Child Care Business Essentials course and the Small Business Essentials course for starting a center.

During the Exploring Child Care Information session participants will review the basics of starting or purchasing a child care business, learn about the different types of child care programs, and discuss potential financial goals and outcomes for their business.

Completion of Exploring Child Care is required to apply for the WomenVentureFamily Child Care Business Essentialscourse or theSmall Business Essentialscourse.

Sessions are delivered bychild carebusiness experts with a focus on guiding participants through a self-decision process about whether starting achild carebusiness is right for them.

Questions? Contact Kaltrina Rezniqi at krezniqi@womenventure.org and612.224.9565.