This information is specifically for our MnDOT loan program. For information about WomenVenture loans, click here.

Our goal is to help you get the money you need to complete your MnDOT contract.

When we consider someone for a loan, we don’t just look at credit scores. We focus on your global cash flow and your business’ ability to be profitable and sustainable. But like any lender, we do have some basic criteria that you need to meet to be eligible for a loan.


  • Must have a contract or subcontract with MnDOT
  • Must be a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • Enough personal and business income to cover all of your personal expenses with funds left over each month
  • No outstanding tax liens
  • If you’ve filed for bankruptcy, it must have been discharged for at least two years
  • All business partners / owners with 20% or more ownership must personally guarantee the loan
  • Must have a complete and detailed business plan with a budget

Loan Uses

Our loans can be used to help grow your business. Eligible uses of our loan funds include (but are not limited to):

  • Working Capital
  • Machinery or equipment purchases
  • Other approved uses through MnDOT program

If you think you meet these guidelines, we encourage you to view our document checklist and continue the loan application process.


Our checklist helps you gather and keep track of the business documents you will need to submit as part of your loan application.


Ready to apply? Fill out our client and business profile form. We’ll use this information to begin our loan evaluation process.