Client Spotlight: Angela Knox

WomenVenture Client, Angela Knox, is owner of The Divine Group in Minneapolis, MN. 

When Angela Knox started out as a brand photographer, she noticed that many people would reach out to her for help with how to use her photos. How could they incorporate these images to represent their brand? That's when she decided to start The Divine Group, a full service brand agency in Minneapolis that provides all the key components a business requires to create a strong brand and a thriving business. We asked Angela a few questions about the challenges and rewards she's encountered along the way! 

Describe your business – what you do, how you got started, and what was your motivation?

We help purpose-driven brands strengthen their online presence by creating captivating visuals and authentic messaging, so their business thrives and makes the impact it deserves.

As a brand photographer, I was creating images to enhance business websites and social media accounts.  But I noticed that many of my clients didn’t have a plan for how to use the photos, so they would reach out and ask me how I could help them.  This snowballed into helping update websites, content creation, and social media management.  

What challenges have you faced along the way and how have you learned from them/overcome them?

At first, we offered everything and anything. Over the last year, I've started to realize what I'm capable of doing, but also what I can bring a team in on project-wise. Learning to fill our niche and be true to our values and what we excel at has helped us overcome this hurdle.  

 What is the best part of being an entrepreneur?

Being able to shift and adjust what you do and why you do it is my favorite part of being an entrepreneur. You have total control of what you are offering, and you answer to yourself.

Can you tell us about how you became a client of WomenVenture and your experience working with the organization?

I have been in a Business Women's Circle the last few years and heard about the Accelerating Success Program. I wanted to take this so I could learn how to scale!  It was a challenge (I'm not a numbers person) but worth every moment! Women Venture helped me set up a plan for future growth but also connected me to a community of driven women who share my values.    

What’s one thing you would tell other women considering starting a business?

Building trust and a presence will take time. You need to consistently put yourself out there in a genuine way in order to create trust and a loyal clientele. 

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