Client Spotlight: Steller Hair Company

Katie Steller Schultz of Steller Hair Company

Having a mother as a self-employed hair stylist, I like to think I know a little bit about the business of hair. I love getting my hair done! My mom was always dying it, cutting it different styles and giving me the occasional perm. That ages me a little bit, but those of us with straight hair must admit we’ve wanted curly hair at some point! I was excited when Katie Schultz, owner of Steller Hair Company, was picked to be WomenVenture’s Entrepreneur of the Month for June. I knew she would have a lot to say about being a hair stylist. 

Having been in business for one year, I asked Katie, “What would you tell your start-up self?”

“It's going to be worth it! Don't see the difficult times and closed doors as a negative, but a push in the right direction. The tough things mold your business into what it should be.”  

Starting out, Katie had no idea the process of starting her salon would take so long. She would get her hopes up about a location that looked promising and then it would fall through. She also had struggles being taken seriously—whether because of her age, her finances, or the type of business she wanted to start. She had to stand strong and confident, despite the feeling that others didn’t think she could do it.

“In the moment it feels crushing, but looking back you see the immense importance of having to struggle! It makes you appreciate and value your business more when you know all of the hard work that went into it, and the fact that even though it was discouraging at times, you never gave up.”

During my visit, Steller Hair Company was full of clients chatting with their stylists while on their way to looking fabulous. I enjoyed hearing about the personal relationships Katie has with her employees and why she intentionally asked them to work in her salon. I also learned that she decided to carry only the products that she felt strongly about.

The most charismatic thing about Katie as an entrepreneur is her aura. It is her vibe—she is positive, fun and energetic—that makes Steller Hair Company a cut above the rest!

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