Business Coaching

Business coaching helps you think through major decisions, create action plans to resolve business challenges and realize your growth potential. It is different than training because it provides attention to your specific business needs.

Business coaching engages you in the process of clearly identifying your challenges and developing an action plan that outlines a path to success. Helping you develop self-sufficiency, grow a profitable business, identify borrowing needs and helping you reach loan readiness is what business coaching is all about.

Visit us at one of the community partner locations listed below for a NO COST 20-minute walk-in session.

*Due to the high demand for business coaching services, WomenVenture requires individuals looking into starting a brand-new business or who have been in business less than six months to complete one of our training courses (Getting Ready or Small Business Essentials) prior to requesting a one-to-one coaching appointment. For more information on our training courses, click here.

Brooklyn Center City Hall | Third Wednesday of the Month