Small Business Essentials Modules

  • Session 1 - In this Orientation you will meet your mentor, receive class materials, and learn about the structure of the class.
  • Session 2 - Introduction to the Business Plan format and begin to clarify your business concept.
  • Session 3 - De-mystify business registration and management essentials; capacity and risk.
  • Session 4 - Communications overview and effective networking including digitally for your business.

Checkpoint #1 - Meet with your Mentor

  • Session 5 - Learn to do market research; SWOT and focus on defining the, who, what and how of your market.
  • Session 6 - Learn how to turn data into information for your plan and use it to reach your market.
  • Session 7 - Learn to identify the, who, what, where, and how of your target market.
  • Session 8 - Learn how to make people aware of who you are and what you’re offering in the digital world
  • Sessions 9 - Learn about the tools of doing sales and how to persuade customers to buy.
  • Session 10 - Define your operations and assess management and personnel assets and needs.

Checkpoint #2 - Meet with your Mentor

  • Session 11 - Learn to calculate your startup costs and how to create your Sources and Uses Statement.
  • Session 12 - Learn to calculate potential projections to determine profitability.
  • Session 13 - Learn the essentials of business accounting and introduction to financial statements.
  • Session 14 - Brick & mortar essentials, WomenVenture loans and loans in general. Create your action plan.

Checkpoint #3 - Meet with your Mentor

  • Session 15 - Practice and present your pitch to cohort and mentors.
  • Session 16 - Graduation