Client Stories

We hope you will enjoy reading and watching the inspiring stories of our clients.

Anna Tsantir

Two Bettys Green Cleaning

Karina Elze

Academia Elze

Kyle Oglesby

Daddy Sam's
Nov 21, 2022

Client Spotlight: Fran Fyten

WomenVenture client, Fran Fyten is the owner of Fytenburg Brewing

Oct 5, 2022

Client Spotlight: Emily Farrell

WomenVenture client, Emily Farrell is the owner of Abendroth Golf

Sep 14, 2022

Client Spotlight: Marjorie Lee

WomenVenture client, Marjorie Lee is the owner of Starjé Beauty.

Aug 26, 2022

Client Spotlight: Shayna Sykes

WomenVenture client, Shayna Sykes is the owner of Honey Mama Boutique.

May 19, 2022

Client Spotlight: Rachel Handren 360 Dance Center

WomenVenture client, Rachel Handren is the founder of 360 Dance Center.