WomenVenture Overview

WomenVenture offers a variety of business training classes and loan products for entrepreneurs. Come to a WomenVenture Overview to find out more! 

Getting Started with WomenVenture

Please register with us by clicking the link at the right. Once registered, click the Client Profile Form link at the top of the page, and complete the form. This information helps us determine your eligibility for scholarships and provides the information we need to report client data to our funders. This information is kept confidential and our client information is anonymized and aggregated for reporting purposes. 

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WomenVenture Overview

This is a FREE, 90 minute Zoom class where you and other entrepreneurial people come together to learn what WomenVenture can provide for you and your business.  We’ll go over the training programs we have available (along with discounts and scholarships we can offer), our small business loan products and how they work, how to access 1:1 expert advice from our pool of volunteer experts. There will be time for you to talk about your business (or business idea) and ask questions.

Sign up for a session below.  If you do not see a date that works for you, email us at info@womenventure.org

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Start Date 11/2

Wednesday 6:00 PM

Start Date 11/18

Friday 10:00 AM

Start Date 11/23

Wednesday 6:00 PM

Ready to take the next step?

Getting Ready is a 3-part series that will help you learn what it takes to start a small business and determine if it is right for you.

The course is designed to walk you through the basics of entrepreneurship and how your skills, personality traits, and financial habits align with your business goals.