Teach WomenVenture curriculum for Getting Ready or Small Business Essentials. You are encouraged to bring our curriculum to life by sharing stories from your personal and professional experience. 

Getting Ready

Getting Ready is our introductory course. Trainers for this course will be business generalists who can broadly cover business plans, marketing, and finance.

Course Overview
  • 3-session course
  • Same trainer for the whole course
  • Time commitment: nine hours over three weeks
Trainer Qualifications
  • General business knowledge
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Experience running a small business or in a corporate setting
  • Expertise in facilitation and training

Small Business Essentials

Small Business Essential (SBE) trainers are subject matter experts that cover one of the 20 session topics. View session topics here.

Course Overview
  • 20 session course; 12 content sessions trained by volunteers
  • Different trainers for each session (can teach multiple sessions)
  • Time commitment: four hours total per session
Trainer Qualifications
  • Subject Matter Expert; 3+ years of experience in the field
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Experience running a small business or in a corporate setting
  • Subject matter experience in one or more of the following module topics: market research, marketing, online marketing, sales, finance, company formation, management structure, managing risk, operations. View session topics here.
Ready to be a Trainer?

Register for one of our information sessions to learn more about how to get involved. Can’t make an upcoming session? Reach out to Volunteer Manager, Dolores Karan, to schedule an individual information session.

We rely on volunteers like you to support women business owners on their entrepreneurial journey!

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