Volunteer Spotlight: Q&A With Angie Rassi

Angi Rassi dedicates her time to women business owners.

Why did you start volunteering?
"I deeply believe that one of the best ways to positively impact society is to have more financially self-sufficient women. Women spend more money investing in their families and communities than men. And a financially independent woman can make decisions for herself, safety and children. So strong communities require strong and financially independent women."

What is a highlight of your time volunteering?
"I love the power of women helping women. One of my favorite African proverbs is 'If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.' I see that proverb in action in every Small Business Essentials class. It is powerful."

What is your favorite part of helping entrepreneurs?
"One of my greatest joys is coaching, developing, and mentoring female business leaders and founders. I am inspired by their vision, boldness, and bravery. The most fulfilling thing I do is to help other women turn their ideas into strong business plans and successful businesses."