Client Spotlight: Spruce Flowers & Home

Amy Backman of Spruce Flowers & Home

Many of us wish we could create something beautiful and share it with others. As a lover of flowers, I am envious of the passion and ability Amy Backman, owner of Spruce Flowers & Home, is able to demonstrate with them. With two shops in the Twin Cities, Amy’s floral bouquets and arrangements blossom at weddings, events and households all around town.

Having been in business for four years, I asked Amy, "What would you tell your start-up self?"

"There are a lot of cautionary things you hear from experts when you are opening a business. If you believed all of those things, you may never start a business," Amy said. "I think entrepreneurs must weigh the pros and cons, but let their passion drive them to take the risk, even when practicality might indicate not to do so."

That passion and risk is something all entrepreneurs are familiar with. Amy has fears, thrills, anxieties and challenges, and she may not have all the answers, yet she has no regrets since starting her business. If she let the negative thoughts consume her, it would have prevented her from following her dream. 

Owning two businesses has pushed Amy to prepare for leading, developing and growing a team of people. "There is excitement in learning new things, adapting, changing what’s not working, and growing not only the business but also yourself," she said.

This is the busiest time for Amy and her employees, yet learning how to balance work and her personal life has been critical. She says taking a vacation or an actual day off is important for the business and everyone who works there. "I always feel guilty taking time off, like I need to ask permission, but I don’t. I need to do it so I have the energy to move things forward."

I have been to both Edina and Minneapolis Spruce Flowers & Home locations and am amazed at what Amy manages to accomplish. I fell in love with her succulent plants and rare flowers that were displayed. The flower bar in the middle of the south Minneapolis store is so unique and anyone can learn how to arrange flowers there! 

If you are in need of beautiful flowers for any occasion, I highly recommend Spruce Flowers & Home.

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