WomenVenture Applauds $2.5M Child Care Grants Announcement

The following statement can be attributed to LeeAnn Rasachak, WomenVenture Chief Executive Officer:

On December 1, 2022, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced that the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) plans to award nearly $2.5 million in grants to child care providers throughout the state.  These funds will support training, expansion, and licensing to ensure affordable, quality care in 17 low-income and underserved communities across Minnesota.

“WomenVenture is thrilled to see continued support from DEED and the Governor’s office on the supply of child care. Access and affordability are a critical issue, not just for women’s economic development, but for the health and vitality of the entire economy. Today’s announcement is an important step, and we will continue our work to strengthen the supply and viability of Minnesota’s child care providers through training, technical support, and access to capital."

Full details on the child care economic development grants can be found on the Department of Employment and Economic Development website.

Media contact: 
Jess Jellings 
Communications Manager, WomenVenture 
Jjellings@womenventure.org / 612-224-9553 

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