Getting Ready

Getting Ready is a 3-part series that will help you learn what it takes to start a small business and determine if it is right for you.

The course is designed to walk you through the basics of entrepreneurship and how your skills, personality traits, and financial habits align with your business goals.

All of our classes are currently held online.

Course Overview

  • Clearly define your business idea and how it will make money
  • Identify your unique knowledge, skills & interests, and apply them to your business
  • Learn strategies for effective goal setting - both personal and financial
  • Determine the target market for your business and use the resources provided in class to undertake market research
  • Develop a basic budget
  • Start to develop a network of entrepreneurial women that can support you on your journey to successful business ownership

Additional Information

Getting Ready is a great first step toward business ownership and is the first business training course in our series. The second course, Small Business Essentials, builds on your learning in the first course. Therefore, you must take all three classes of Getting Ready to be eligible for the Small Business Essentials series.

If you have an existing business and want to take Small Business Essentials, please contact Zoila Guachichulca, WomenVenture Training Manager.


All three parts of Getting Ready are great sources of information and food for thought.

I definitely felt more prepared for the Small Business Essentials Course after taking Getting Ready.

Beyond the logistical thinking and insight into financial planning, there's an emotional benefit of finding a group of like-minded and motivated people to grow with. [Getting Ready] answered the questions I needed in order to go forward trusting myself.

Course Schedule

Start Date 7/7

Online Wednesday Evening 6 - 7 PM

Course Outline

  • Personal Readiness


  • Idea Readiness


  • Financial Readiness


Start Date 7/9

Online Friday Morning 9 - 11 AM

Course Outline

  • Personal Readiness


  • Idea Readiness


  • Financial Readiness


Start Date 8/11

Online Wednesday Evening 6 - 8 PM

Course Outline

  • Personal Readiness


  • Idea Readiness


  • Financial Readiness


Scholarship Program

We have a generous scholarship program for our classes. Find out if you are eligible to attend for a reduced fee.