Small Business Essentials Modules

20 Session Course

Session 1 - Orientation
Meet your mentor, receive class materials and tools, and learn about the structure of the course.

Session 2 - Business Development
Define your business description. Clarify your mission statement, value proposition, and owner qualifications.

Session 3 - Understanding Your Target Market
Learn to identify the who, what, where, and how of your target market.

Session 4 - Analyzing Your Competition
Learn to do market research and assess the competitive landscape.

Session 5 - Marketing
Learn about the basic tools and techniques for creating awareness and interest in your business.

Session 6 - E-Marketing
Learn about the e-marketing tools and techniques for creating awareness and interest in your business online.

Session 7 - Sales
Learn how to guide people through the sales process, overcome objections, and ask for their business.

Session 8 - Checkpoint #1 - Meet with your Mentor

Session 9 - Company Formation
Step-by-step instructions for forming a legal business entity.

Session 10 - Management Structure
De-mystify business registration and management essentials, capacity, and risk.

Session 11 - Business Plan Working Lab
A working “lab” session that provides an opportunity to be hands-on with technical support in the room while working on your business plan.

Session 12 - Managing Risk
Learn about the risks to your business and what to do to mitigate those risks.

Session 13 - Operations
Define your operations and assess management and personnel assets and needs.

Session 14 - Checkpoint #2 - Meet with your Mentor

Session 15 - Finance: Introduction to Business Finance
Learn the essentials of business accounting and introduction to financial statements.

Session 16 - Finance: Estimating Sales & Cost
Learn how to project your sales revenue and calculate your startup costs.

Session 17 - Working Lab: Planning for Profit
Working session to complete the financial template and prepare for review with your mentor.

Session 18 - Checkpoint #3 - Meet with your Mentor

Session 19 - Final Practice Pitch
Practice and present your “pitch” to your fellow entrepreneurs, trainers, and mentors.

Session 20 - Graduation