We help women entrepreneurs at all stages of business development, from conception to launch and growth.

Business Training Classes

Entrepreneurship Information Session

Learn more about WomenVenture and the services we provide to women entrepreneurs.

Getting Ready

This 3-part series will help you determine if small business ownership is right for you.

Small Business Essentials

This in-depth course is designed for serious entrepreneurs. It covers all of the critical components necessary for running a small business.

Additional Classes

Accelerating Success

Ready to start growing your business? This 10-session class is intended for woman who have been in business for more than two years and have revenue in excess of $100k per year. 

Scale Up!

This free education and coaching program is designed to scale established women-owned businesses that are positioned to achieve exponential growth.

Specialty Workshops

Lunch & Learn

New Lunch & Learn topic every month!

Community Partner Workshops

WBDC — Is WBE Certification Right for You?

Is your business looking for an opportunity to "get in the door" of large corporations? If you are a woman-owned and operated business, Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification could give you the edge you need.

Taxes 101 - May 7, 2019

Taxes are an important part of starting a business and it’s not as difficult as you think. Have questions about the differences between sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, or partnership? How about reporting income and expenses, and tracking deductions? Answers to these questions and more in this free seminar. 

Location: Shoreview Library
Cost: Free

Anatomy of a Website - June 19, 2019

Change your ho-hum website to an OH WOW website!

Having a website is THE essential marketing tool for your business. But how confident are you that your website is helping you stand out, in all the right ways? In this workshop, we'll dive in and explore the 3 critical pieces necessary for your website to capture attention and leads in your market.

Location: Roseville Library
Cost: Free